Cilantro Lime Chicken Bowls

An easy family-friendly recipe that won't disappoint!  Either dish out bowls or take a "build-your-own" approach and place all the ingredients out for your family to decide!  (FYI: If you are looking for a different homemade salad dressing - try this dressing recipe - it's my favourite!) Ingredients for Marinade and Dressing: 1/2 cup               … Continue reading Cilantro Lime Chicken Bowls

Wild Game Nutrition

I'll be honest, I actually didn't even like the taste of meat growing up... let alone experimenting with eating wild game.  As an adult, learning to cook and season meat to my preferences has helped me to now enjoy meat dishes but I do love some meatless meals as well. After getting married, my husband … Continue reading Wild Game Nutrition

When is Mindful Eating an effective strategy for Eating Disorders?

Mindful Eating is often promoted and supported in the treatment of eating disorders.  It is important to point out though that the majority of research and evidence for mindful eating has been focused on overeating, bulimia and binge eating disorder (BED).  Very few studies have looked at mindful eating and anorexia or other restrictive types … Continue reading When is Mindful Eating an effective strategy for Eating Disorders?

SKIP The Resolutions

Why commit to unrealistic short-term resolutions when they aren’t going to last? Here are some Red Flags that your resolution may not be suitable or effective for benefiting your health. Your Resolution may not be a great choice if it:    Makes you feel deprived. Ie. A fad diet.  It can fail because you really … Continue reading SKIP The Resolutions

Is Eliminating World Hunger Possible?

In honor of World Food Day, I felt inspired to write about something near and dear to my heart – World Hunger. World Food Day promotes awareness and action for eliminating world hunger, ensuring food security and access to nutritious diets for everyone.  The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) actually has … Continue reading Is Eliminating World Hunger Possible?

Are your meals a time of Connection or Dysfunction?

Connection:Food is much more than nourishment.  Sharing food is also about human connection. Some of my favourite memories are sharing meals with friends and family. Like many families we have a very busy schedule with my husband's irregular working hours and my boy's swimming schedule so mealtimes are not always shared.  However, knowing the importance … Continue reading Are your meals a time of Connection or Dysfunction?

Easter Blessings – Food for the Soul

This Easter weekend I returned to my Ukrainian roots and took part in the Blessing of Easter baskets.  Easter and the Holy Week leading up to it, has always been a very special time of year for me.  Growing up in the Ukrainian Catholic faith, we had so many faith-filled traditions with deep-rooted meaning and … Continue reading Easter Blessings – Food for the Soul

Nutrition Fail – My 1st Marathon

I’m sharing this personal experience with hopes that it might save someone from the mistake I made… On May 27, 2012 I ran my first full marathon.  My goal was sub 4 hours which I thought was reasonable for being a busy mom of 3 young boys.  I followed a training plan and ran the … Continue reading Nutrition Fail – My 1st Marathon

What Spirituality means to Me

I'm often asked about my spirituality but struggle to verbally express what it is and how it continues to transform my life. Therefore, I'm writing this now to organize my thoughts and allow those that are interested to hear my experience. My parents exposed me to God at a young age by teaching me their understanding … Continue reading What Spirituality means to Me

The No-Fail Breakfast Method

It's 6am.  You rise from your bed well rested and bright eyed ready for the day ahead.  You have plenty of time to prepare your gourmet balanced breakfast as you brew your coffee and listen to your favourite tunes.   As you watch the sunrise out on your back deck, you mindfully eat your delicious … Continue reading The No-Fail Breakfast Method